'We now really do have eyes in the back our our heads!' Assistive Living Monitoring now operational at Princes Court!

We are thrilled to share the great news that our ALM (Assistive Living Monitoring) Technology is now operational at Princes Court Intermediate Care Home in North Tyneside. Commissioned by North Tyneside CCG, ALM is being piloted at Princes Court as a proof of concept exercise with the aim of rolling out the technology subject to its success.

The staff at Princes Court have been really welcoming and enthusiastic about the technology in the knowledge that it observes their residents 24 hours a day and will alert them to possible falls or distress,

Night staff have already informed us that the system has alerted them to a fall during the night and explained that they were able to attend to the resident very quickly and safely, avoiding the possibility of potential harm.

Princes Court 1-1

Assistive Living Monitoring is a non-invasive monitoring system promoting and supporting independence. 

ALM at Princes Court incorporates:

  • Microwave and thermographic mapping to see inside an apartment without the need for invasive CCTV
  • Audio mapping to alert staff if there is a distressed or agitated service user
  • Sensory lighting to enhance mood illuminating any room size

State of the Art Thermographic Technology is available in our ALM product. This operates through thermographic imaging and wireless technology and relays back to a central station which can be located wherever the relayed monitoring is required. It provides a platform that allows the provider to enable people, keeping them safe and secure in their care whilst providing dignity & privacy. It has the capability to detect unreasonable noise and falls.

Find out more here: https://myqol.co.uk/